This documentation describes an addon for Blender that allows to import different reconstruction results of several Structure from Motion and Multi-View Stereo libraries.

Supported libraries (data formats):

In addition, the addon supports some common point cloud data formats:

1 Requires pillow to read image sizes from disk. 2 Requires pillow for point color computation.
3 Requires pyntcloud for parsing. 4 Requires laspy for parsing. 5 Requires lazrs for parsing.

Compatible with Blender 2.8.0 onwards. There is an older version of the addon available for Blender 2.79 that allows to import NVM files - see the 2.79 branch.

Getting Started

There is a short tutorial video that shows how to

  • install the addon

  • compute a reconstruction with Meshroom

  • import the results into Blender

Example Results (Shipped with Addon)

This repository contains an example Colmap model. The following image shows the imported camera poses, image planes and point cloud in Blender’s 3D view.


The input images of the Colmap model are located here:

The addon computes an animated camera with corresponding background images from the reconstructed camera poses.


There is also an import option that allows to interpolate the reconstructed camera poses.


In addition, the addon allows to import meshes contained in the workspaces of specific libraries. Manually imported meshes can also be aligned with the corresponding reconstruction by following the instructions here.


The addon offers an option to draw big point clouds with OpenGL to reduce computational requirements. The addon provides a panel to export these OpenGL point clouds renderings - see Point Cloud Visualization and Rendering.