Recent Features / Changelog

Changelog with most relevant features. Recently added features are listed at the top of this page.


  • Replace pylas with laspy (>= 2.0)

  • Add an option to center points around the origin (useful for laz/las files)

  • Remove the point color computation for OpenMVG json files, due to a bug in pillow caused by the blender python environment

  • Adjust the screenshot rendering functionality according to api changes of Blender 3.0

  • Replacing the bgl module with the gpu module to fix the offscreen rendering of point clouds under windows

  • Fix the dependency installation for Blender 2.8 - 2.91 of the newly introduced dependency manager


  • Improve management of dependency installation and corresponding GUI options

  • Made point sizes of point clouds and depth maps (drawn with OpenGL) persistent

  • Changed the usage of draw handlers to avoid potential crashes when deleting the point cloud anchor objects

  • Made depth maps persistent (i.e. the corresponding information is stored in the blend file)

  • Added features to export images of the imported reconstructions including cameras, background images, image planes, point clouds and meshes


  • Reorganized (persistent) addon preferences

  • Added an option to use the undistorted images contained in the workspaces of the Colmap, Meshroom and MVE

  • Added several python examples that demonstrate the API usage

  • Added vertex colors to the mesh shader nodes to improve the visibility of the corresponding mesh

  • Added background images for the animated camera

  • Added code to automatically generate the API Documentation with autoapi

  • Fixed an incorrect offset in the texture coordinate computation of the particle system

  • Added a workaround to circumvent a bug in Blender, which appears only for large particle systems (T81103)

  • Added GUI elements to install/uninstall the dependencies (Pillow, Pyntcloud)

  • Addon uses now the Pyntcloud library to import PLY, PCD, LAS, ASC, PTS and CSV files

  • Added an option to import depth maps of MVE workspaces

  • Added an option to import depth maps of Colmap as point clouds

  • Added support for MVE workspaces

  • Added addon preferences to configure the import/export default settings

  • Added addon preferences to enable/disable importers and exporters

  • Added an OpenSfM importer

  • OpenGL data is now persistent (stored in blend file) and is available after reopening

  • Added a panel with options to export renderings of the point cloud using OpenGL

  • Added support for Colmap dense workspaces

  • Added support for Meshroom projects (.mg files)

  • Fixed occlusion of point clouds drawn with OpenGL

  • Added a Colmap exporter

  • Added an Open3D importer

  • Added an option to render point clouds with OpenGL

  • Added support for absolute and relative paths in reconstruction results

  • Added a preset possiblity for each importer to customize default import options


  • Added support to import undistorted images of Colmap/Meshroom

  • Fixed a bug leading to incorrect principal points

  • Added option to remove discontinuities in animations

  • Added an option to show source images as Blender background images

  • Added particle emission to improve visibility

  • Added importers for Colmap, OpenMVG and Meshroom

  • Compatibility fix for Blender 2.8


  • Added an option to add camera animation

  • Added an option to import images as image planes

  • Added an exporter for cameras and mesh vertex positions as NVM

  • Added an option to represent point clouds with particle systems


  • Added a NVM importer

  • Initial Commit